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Some people listen to music while cycling at the gym or using the treadmill, but I listen to audiobooks instead. It’s how I manage to add “reading” into my regular routine, otherwise I would never find the time for it. I use an app called Hoopla for my audiobooks. Membership is free through my local library.

Wondering if there were any gay titles recommended, I did a Google search. That’s when I discovered Gay Hoopla. It has nothing to do with the other Hoopla, and I can’t enjoy it at the gym without getting into trouble, but I’m pretty much hooked now. In fact, between the hot gay porn and free audiobooks, I am thinking that “Hoopla” might be my new favorite word.

Snag this 67% discount pass to Gay Hoopla and find guys like Baron Wade (pictured) in solo and hardcore sex content. Baron is 6’4″, 200lbs, and exclusive to the site. They have several hunky gay models that cannot be found elsewhere. Some even give intimate interviews so that you can get to know them better.