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Once you’ve secured your membership you’re going to want to browse the site and they have provided excellent search tools that will help you. There are more than forty channels and 12,000 different HD videos that will be at your disposal. There are also stunning photo galleries that are filled with hi-res still images available. You can enjoy streaming and downloads without ever having to worry about limits. You’ll find they put out regular updates and all the material is exclusive to the site and can only be viewed using your membership.

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I still remember my first experience with another man. I was just home from college for the summer and saw a new family had moved in next door. Their 19 year old son was out mowing the lawn one morning and woke me up far too early for my liking, especially considering I had been up late drinking with the boys. But when I marched up to the fence line to give him a piece of my mind, I couldn’t help but notice how tight and toned his physique was. And watching the sweat bead on his chocolate skin was something I could watch all day. In fact, I made it a point to find a reason to be outside every week that summer to watch. 

I thought I wasn’t making it too obvious, but when we eventually shared too many brews around the firepit at the end of summer, he let me know that he could tell. And that he liked it. It wasn’t long before we could both tell that we wanted the same thing, and we were sucking and fucking and experimenting in what would be some of the most erotic sex I’d ever had.

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